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Whole30 changed me from the inside/out and I can't help but share it!  All by changing what we put on our plates, we can change our lives.  Leading you through a Whole30 will help you change your habits and relationship around food. This is just my first step in helping you become the best version of yourself!  


This is the next step in your Whole30 journey!  In addition to you taking control of your food, I bring a dose of daily inspiration to help motivate you to move your body.  Whether it be walking, yoga, crossfit, group fitness, etc.  I strongly believe in the power of transformation through Whole30 and moving your body.


Whole30 is a change from the inside/out so we'll be heavily focusing on personal development in addition to eating and moving.  We'll start by defining your "why" for starting your Whole30 journey and then dig deeper into podcast, videos, journaling, etc. to help you identify the areas in your life where you need to love yourself more.

Emily Nichols

"Whole30 has been the catalyst to living my life to the fullest, and I have to pay it forward to others. My goal every morning when my feet hit the floor is to motivate another tired, working mom like my old self and let her know that, ‘You got this, girl!’ Whether it be through showing how I have been able to make time for fitness, sharing a motivational podcast, making a nutritious dinner for my family, or showing how human I am (like when I haven’t done laundry in what feels like 10,000 years). We are all capable of becoming the best versions of ourselves and not just survive through our busy lives, but thrive!”

Why work with a Whole30 Certified Coach?

I've compiled my 10 reasons why you should work with a Whole30 Coach.  Check it out here.

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