Whole30 Private Coaching with Emily

Private coaching is perfect for the Whole30’er who needs someone to be their own personal cheerleader. Maybe a group session isn’t really your thing, but would like Emily’s expertise to help guide you through to a successful Whole30.



First we focus on how Whole30 will help you learn how to take care of yourself by changing your habits and relationship with food.


During our time together, my hope is to inspire you to start moving your body.  It's good for you not only physically, but mentally as well.


Personal development is good for your soul! This is a big area that we focus on during your journey towards loving yourself.

"Very responsive! Best cheerleader ever!!! Quick response time and support. Very genuine, loved hearing experiences and her story, tips of what to expect, encouraging Positive attitude, always a smile, very supportive. "

"Emily was always very quick to answer any crazy question I had, was very helpful in figuring out how to navigate a tricky "vacation" situation in my final 7 days of Whole30 (when temptations to give in were high!) and was great about providing shopping lists, website links, podcasts and interviews with other coaches to offer plenty of information, support and insights."

"Emily is a top notch Whole30 coach! Emily was a great coach and my husband and I plan to do Whole30 ongoing. Thank you so much! It was a great reset and learning experience! Thank you very much for all of your help and education. I learned a great deal and appreciate it. "

"Thank you Emily for encouraging me all along the way, for not laughing at all my crazy questions :), and for being such a huge inspiration to keep going! Your story (and Dustin's) are truly amazing!"

What's Included in Private Coaching:

*purchase 5 days before Day 1 of your Whole30

·       Daily inspirational emails from Emily with tips on how to EAT, MOVE & LOVE YOURSELF

·       Access to Emily’s online course where you will receive weekly video updates from Emily on what to expect each week and free PDF downloads including grocery lists, recipe suggestions, non-scale victory checklist, self-care calendar, daily journal pages, and reintroduction guide.

·       5 Day preparation before your Whole30 start date to help you shop, mentally prepare, find online resources and Whole30 book recommendations to help prep you for a successful round

·       10 day reintroduction guidance

·       Access to Emily via Voxer app for texting Monday-Friday 8am-5pm EST, Saturday-Sunday 12pm-4pm EST

·       Weekly Google Hangout Video call with Emily

·       A copy of “Whole30 Day By Day”

·       Discount codes on Whole30 approved/compliant products

·       Emily’s expertise and genuine love of helping others fall in love with the Whole30 lifestyle!


About Emily

Emily is a Whole30 Certified Coach & Self Care Expert who wants to inspire you to EAT, MOVE & LOVE yourself.  She gets it...life is overwhelming.  As a busy working mom herself, she wants to help you "put your oxygen mask on first" and help you become the best version of yourself by starting with what you put on your plate.  Self Care is not selfish or an indulgence.  It's a discipline.  

Let's work together

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